Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Walking the walk, talking the talk.

In the Getting To Know You file: I am pagan. Not just on the Esbats, not just on weekends, not just when it might get me laid or bring me prosperity. All the time, through sickness and health, yadda yadda.

It extends into my shop, too. I have found it very useful to use an elemental model for the progression of my shop; it helps me to maintain a "time for sowing, time for reaping" groove. So I use this!

The Crafty Witch's Calendar

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January, May, September are Earth months. They are Upkeep, all those mundane household and money-balancing tasks. This is the time I focus on taking Inventory, updating my accounting, and making changes to my business plan if necessary. Also, shop tidying. Purchases made in this time are largely consumables (jump rings, clasps, wire, solder, boring stuff :D ), and replacing my casting blanks that have sold.

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February, June, October are Water months. They are Modelling, where I let myself play with PMC and assembly pieces and beads and lazy daydream designs, very low stress and happy and fun and swirly. Purchases made in this time tend to be fabulous stones I may never actually get around to setting, but are just gorgeous.

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March, July, November are Fire months (I use the symbol for the Sun to represent fire). They are, appropriately, for Casting! This is when I finalize and send off my master models, and do all my cuttlefish casting here in the studio. Purchases are for the casting house itself and any and other sundries that are required for setting stuff on fire. :)

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April, August and December are Air months. They are Promotion and Design. This is when I turn my attention to my advertising and marketing, get myself more out there, force myself to be social and hand out lots of business cards. They are also the only three months I accept custom orders currently, as I view custom orders as a form of advertising since I don't really make any dough from them.

And that's that! It keeps me short-term goal focused, prevents boredom because I'm always shifting my focus, and makes for a well-rounded business attack.

Given that it's an Air month, expect lots more blog posts. ;)

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