Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday bloggin': What's On The Bench?

Castles, that's what!

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Well, tiny TINY castles suitable for the wee-est of pixies, maybe. But castles nonetheless!

I'm starting a new line called "Castles In My Heart": A heart theme surrounded by stone castle walls. I have a history of getting my heart broken, so motifs of protecting the heart tend to show up in my work a lot, as do hearts in general.

Here are the first earrings of the set -- post backs with a setting for either enamel or small gemstone hearts.

These are sterling and natural ruby. I have matching pendants, too, but they need to wait on a supply order as I don't have a proper hammer.

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  1. oooh, very intense theme. deep and tender, and voila! so are these earrings. love the craggy oxidation and the claw-like look of the heart being held.

  2. Gorgeous!! I am sorry to hear your heart has been broken so many times, but good for you to use the experiences to create such beautiful jewelry.

  3. Did those sell? They are perfect for a friend of mine.

    (If they did, I'll be hitting you up for a pair with deep amethyst sometime this summer.)