Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Prototype: Féileacán necklace

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I like how it turned out. This is a prototype, of course, so it's not quite perfect enough to sell... guess I've got another piece of walking advertisement to wear. :) If I get enough of these, I may just have a "Scratch and Dent" sale at the end of the year, offering them at half of what I'd normally ask. :)

Sterling, moonstone, cultured pearl.

The darling sparkly magnet behind my (still dirty from the shop) hands is one of mermaiden's awesome fridge art creations -- check her out here for more gorgeous ethereal awesomeness ( :D


  1. You're way too clever for me- I had to look up "feileacan" (could never let that one go unknown!) it is Irish Gaelic for butterfly....and yes I do see it in your gorgeous design. That moonstone is incredible. I don't believe you that it is not perfect enough to sell, btw.

  2. That is BEAUTIFUL!If you aren't selling it...I'll take it;) are extremely talented. Keep up the great work!!

  3. mermaiden, thank you so much :) I figure most people will not bother to look it up, but I'm pleased you did. I like little "Easter eggs" like that :D

    The moonstone is fairly flawed, lots of inclusions, but with a wicked blue flash that almost makes up for it.

    EllaPhante, thank you so much! :) I actually posted a picture in my livejournal and one of my friends claimed it. I will definitely be posting my prototypes and "seconds" here, though, as even my not-quites are perfectly wearable... I'm just a persnickety perfectionist! :)

  4. Thanks to mermaiden I didn't even have to look up the beautiful name - which matches the beautiful jewlery perfectly!
    This is absolutely incredible; I love that the moonstone adds to the texture of the sterling, making it look so soft and almost as if it would be warm to the touch. Gorgeous. <3