Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Get Teased! -- April's Triskaidekaphobian Tease!

Convo or email me with the correct answer to this question and get 13% off any one item in my shop for the remainder of the month! :)

April showers bring May flowers, so let's talk flowers.

Ah, those Greeks and their divine transmogrification stories. Name me one Greek mythological character who made the transition from flesh to plant!


  1. Daphne! And Narcissus, but I think Narcissus only becomes a flower in the Roman myths, no?

  2. Good job, Gira! :) Exactly right. There are about twelve more I can think of off the top of my head, though, so my other readers still have lots of chances :D

  3. One of my favorite myths is Clytie and Apollo- a nymph who loved the sun god unrequitedly. He turned her into a sunflower, forever gazing up at him. I actually dressed up as her one Hallowmas in high school. Do you think *anyone* had any clue what I was about? Yep, quite a weirdo!

  4. mermaiden, Clytie is a good one. :D You don't happen to have any pictures of your sunflower costume, do you? I would love to have seen your wee flowered face. :D

    Also, congrats on your 13% discount. Though your personal discount is higher so you might want to use that instead. ;)