Friday, September 11, 2009

Get Teased! -- September's Triskaidekaphobian Tease

Apologies for the lateness! If you want to be sure you get the Tease on time, the best bet is to sign up for my mailing list -- as the newsletter seems to be a bit more prompt than blogging. :)

Convo or email me with the correct answer to this question and get 13% off any one item in my shop for the remainder of the month! :) Combinable with the new promotion wherein if you buy more than one piece from the same line, you will get 10% off -- that's 23% off!

So September comes from originally being the seventh month of the year -- hence "Sept". Seven is often considered to be a highly lucky number, so let's talk about luck!

To win this month's Tease, name SEVEN luck charms, either good or bad. Here's the catch: All seven must be of the same type of luck, no mixing allowed.


  1. Hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers and blue moons. Pots of gold and rainbows and the red balloons! :) I win

  2. I sent you a mail with seven bad luck charms, but never heard back! Did you get it? (I hope so, because I didn't keep the list I wrote down...!)

  3. Wendolen, oh dear! I have had a Dickens of a time with my new mail program skipping messages for some reason; I will check back, but if I didn't get it I will honour it (and assume you got them all correct, 'cause you are a schmartie) when my shop re-opens, okidokie? :)