Thursday, June 4, 2009

CONTEST: Name That Eyeball

Good afternoon lovely Blogians! I haven't done a contest before but hopefully it will be well received. :D

So I have a new line coming out next month consisting of glass taxidermy eyes, mostly reptilian, set into silver. The few pieces I've made so far look pretty darn good! The problem is, I'm not sure what to call them...

Something about primitive, primal, cold-blooded... oh bother! I'm not quite getting it right. Maybe you can! :)

So let's Quid Pro Quo. You suggest to me a suitably Arcadian name for the new line, and I will award you a pair of earrings or a ring from the line as a thank you if I choose your name!

Contest open for one month from today's date -- so comment here with your most pithy, punny, intriguing nomers. Suggest as many as you like, and thanks in advance!


  1. Ok, I'm intrigued! Mine are pithy or witty - but some words that I came up with after thinking about eyeballs and whatnot are:

    Oculus; Sentinel; Vestigial; Paladin; Antediluvian
    or combine some words - Ocudeluvian; Oculodeluvian' Vestiluvius...


    Do I win?? haha. :)

  2. Ok, I was made for this contest! Here we go:
    Eden's Bane
    I Dreamed of Dragons
    Medusa Musing
    Turned to Stone
    Nessie's Gaze
    Serpent Sight
    Oracle at Delphi
    and the best for last, Wyrm Regards ;D

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  4. For years now I've had recurring dreams of hamlet life in Planescape-era Diterlizzi inkscapes. Three towns. Similar names.

    Sees the Dream
    Seas the Dream
    Sieze the Dream

    I believe that the first of those might work for your series.

  5. Oh, I was watching a favorite family show and the name of it brought me back to the upcoming eyeballs. Primeval. and then there's Primordial. Primordial Oracle.

    -yikes, popcorn is burning, must away!

  6. I was thinking "Eyes of Shiva" or some pineal/parietal reference like that, but now that I've read the other comments, I'm completely won over by Wyrm Regards!