Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A happy silver family. :D

Remember this?

Finished it today, just in time to present to Mrs. Helpful-friend-of-the-family for Mother's Day.

The S and K are the Mama and Papa, and the small s, o and a are the kidlets, with their birthstones or reasonable substitutes thereof (aventurine, amethyst and citrine).

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There are some weird reflections in the high shine of the silver -- it's all been buffed mirror smooth. The perils of taking pictures outside! Note to self... light box for shop photos, always. ;)

And a happy upcoming Mother's Day to the mamas who may be reading. <3


  1. Wow that is amazing. A lot of hard work went into this..it is beautiful.


  2. i remain blown away by the design of this piece. you know, you should advertise custom pieces like this, it is outstandingly special.

  3. Anji, nice to see you here! I love your work and I follow your blog even if I don't often comment. Thank you for the praise... it *was* an incredibly time-consuming piece, more than it looks as I am fiddly about getting in every nook and cranny with the polish. :D Ta!

  4. mermaiden, you are right as always... I'm kind of rassling with myself about offering stuff like this custom, though. It is SO time consuming, and I kind of want to save it for the sparklies in my life. Not that I don't love and value my straight-up customers! :D

    I wish Etsy had a portfolio section I could post pics of my "possible" work! Flickr gives me headaches. :/