Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tarte Deco necklace... didn't even make it to Etsy!

The buyer who purchased my Tarte Deco earrings seemed interested in the matching necklace I was in the process of making, and as soon as I showed her the pics she snapped it up. I'm very pleased! When I do matching work I kind of view them as littermates and I like to see them go to the same home. :D I added the monogram charm free of charge as a thank you.

Sterling, fine silver, Baltic amber.

Also: Yes, you can successfully solder an amber piece with the amber in... just barely :D

Have some more knotwork on the bench at the moment, and I'm working on some castle and angel themed pieces, a bit of a departure from my usual style to be sure!


  1. ....more sales, whoot!
    this is so bat wings. LOVE it. have a bat *thing*, which manifested into a tattoo of a heart with bat wings on my shoulder ;)

  2. hey look, it's a W! :D

    I plan to get a chance to get all dressed up and get these pretties photographed for you, one of these weeks when I'm healthy again. :/