Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shyrman the Wyrman: Backyardigans vs. Arcadian Dreams

Children's Programming (note the capital P) is as infectious as the darling little carpet sharks themselves. I myself now know the complete themes and catchphrases of more kids' shows than I care to admit (we're not big TV watchers in our house, but it is part of the daily ritual to appreciate the Blinky Light Box for a little while. Mmm, Blinky Light Box).

In my AD "Book of Shadows", where I keep records of all the designs I've attempted, I'd simply entitled one of my pieces Wyrm, since he was a little dragon beastie without wings or legs... but that was not enough. No, he needed a proper name!

Now, my son's (arguably) favorite show is The Backyardigans, where there is a small and squirmy little-used side character named Sherman the Worman (the cultural music of the Wormans, incidentally, is Polka... make of that what you will). So when I turned to my husband and asked him what the Wyrm's name should be... he coined "Wyrman?". No, not quite. Shyrman the Wyrman!

And thus, the Backyardigans have infected the sanctity of my metalwork. Good thing I never took myself too seriously, anyway. :)

Shyrman the Wyrman pendant. Sterling, garnet.


  1. Thanks Tammy. :) He's not for sale, I keep one of everything I make so I have a reference to all the mistakes I made in the process... er, I mean, so I have things to wear. Yeeeeah. *grin*

  2. my first peek at your artful smithing- he is a gorgeous beastie indeed.
    [hums ....we're your backyard friends....]

  3. That is one very nice pendant!


  4. mermaiden, thank you. :)

    Sign of a parent, I can sing the Backyardigans song and do some of the episodes' dances, but I have no idea who is playing on the radio at any given time. ;)

  5. PussDaddy, nice to see you here! :) Thank you kindly. I'm not sure I could ever sell him, too much heart went into him!